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  • Download ESRI Shapefile GIS data

  • These datasets are for indicative purposes only. They can only be used for Emergency and Land Use planning and cannot be used for commercial purposes. They are owned by National Grid and acknowledgement of this is required in your product or application using © National Grid UK.

    This data is supplied on a best effort basis only, utilising available information as documented at the time by the transmission network operators. While every effort is made to ensure the information is accurate and up-to-date, National Grid does not accept any liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage of any nature, however caused, which may be sustained as a result of reliance upon such information.

    The datasets contain Gas and Electricity Transmission data only. For Gas or Electricity distribution data, please contact the retaining distribution company for your area and see the following websites for more information and contact details:
    Electricity Distribution
    Gas Distribution

    If you are planning to undertake any ground works please see the Cadent Gas website or contact the Plant Protection team at least 14 days in advance on 0800 688 588 or

    All datasets are accompanied with Gemini 2.2 metadata.

    For any National Grid Transmission GIS related enquiries, please email

    Modified dates:
    Cable – 31st Oct 2017
    Gas Pipe – 25th May 2017 
    Gas Site – 25th Oct 2017 
    Overhead Lines – 23rd Oct 2017
    Substation - 27th Oct 2017
    Towers – 23rd Oct 2017

  • Transmission Network Shapefiles

    Zip File containing all Shape Files
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    Over Head line
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    Substation Site
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    Gas Site
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    Gas Pipe
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