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  • Community Consultation

  • National Grid consults with local interest groups and residents whenever we are planning works that will have a high impact on a residential area or a site valued for its amenity. This also helps us to identify key environmental issues which can be taken into account and more effectively mitigated.

    In order for consultation to be most effective it is done at a stage where the results can be used to influence the design of a project.

    When undertaking works which will have a less significant impact, we liaise with and inform affected residents according to the severity of that impact. We will take into account local biodiversity action plans and other local initiatives being undertaken by local communities.

    Under the provisions of the Planning Act 2008 we have a duty to consult and engage with communities and stakeholders. We have decided to integrate our amenity duties and our community and stakeholder engagement duties into one document which covers how we will meet these duties. 

    We have recently taken the opportunity to review our Schedule 9 statement. In preparing this revised version we have consulted statutory bodies, non-government organisations and representatives of other stakeholder groups. We have also drawn on our own experiences of delivering a wide range and scale of electricity and gas projects. This document is available below for download.

    National Grid’s commitments when undertaking work in the UK:
    Our stakeholder, community and amenity policy

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