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  • Planning Authorities & Other Statutory Consultees

  • The information provided in this section is guidance for national, regional and local planning authorities and other statutory consultees.  National Grid is regularly consulted on issues of local, regional and national importance.

    We also need to comply with various planning regimes ourselves whenever we are required to consider the location, installation and removal of equipment used as part of our high voltage electricity and high pressure gas transmission networks and gas distribution networks.

    We enjoy open and constructive dialogue with many planning authorities and interested parties.  We are always keen that you approach us as soon as possible if you have a land use or planning issue that you wish to discuss.

    These pages aim to give you an overview of how we operate and how we can help you.

  • Development near overhead lines

  • Planning and amenity aspects of high voltage electricity transmission lines and substations Information for planning authorities and developers

    These pages, via the links on the left hand column, provide information for planning authorities and developers on National Grid’s electricity transmission lines and substations. It covers planning and amenity issues, both with regard to National Grid’s approach to siting new equipment, and to development proposals near lines and substations.

    The same information can be downloaded as a PDF: Development near overhead lines.
  • Local Development Frameworks

  • Amec currently manage National Grid’s development plan monitoring contract for Electricity Transmission Asset Management, Gas Transmission Asset Management and Gas Distribution. This enables National Grid to comment on any of the development plans and identify existing assets which are located within potential development areas. If you require further information from Amec in relation to local plan monitoring please contact
  • National Park Commitments

  • As a member of the Corporate Forum for National Parks, National Grid welcomes the
    opportunity to work with the Campaign for National Parks to promote understanding of the importance and value of National Parks both to our employees and wider stakeholders.

    For more information please read the documentation below.

    View the National Parks Commitment document.

    National Grid is currently working on a project called the Visual Impact Provision. This has created a major opportunity to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and environmental heritage within our most protected landscapes. The project will make use of a £500m allocation by Ofgem to carry out work to help reduce the impact of existing transmission lines in English and Welsh Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) and National Parks.

    For more information on our Visual Impact Provision project (VIP) please visit the website at