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  • Grantors and Land Owners

  • Most of the Gas and Electricity Transmission apparatus is above, on or under third party land, whilst the majority of Gas Distribution apparatus, is under the highway.

    Before National Grid can install and operate electricity or gas assets on land it does not own, we require rights from the owner or occupier of that land, our grantors.

    We are committed to maintaining a successful working relationship with all our landowners and occupiers.

    If you have our electricity or gas equipment above, on or under your land (such as high voltage overhead lines, pylons, underground cables or gas pipelines), we believe you will find this information useful.

    Tell us your plans!

    We encourage developers, designers and contractors to contact us when planning any excavation works close to our pipelines we can provide FREE:

    - Technical Guidance
    - Asset Information
    - Essential safety information

    We also

    - Mark out the location of our pipelines

    National Grid is a member of the UK Onshore Pipeline Operators Associations (UKOPA) and together we would like to work with YOU to ensure your safety and the safety of our pipelines. 

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