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New Transmission Connections

The processes governing connection to and operation of electricity generators in Great Britain varies depending on which country the connection is located in. National Grid owns and operates the National Electricity Transmission System in England and Wales and operates the system in Scotland.

The ownership of the Transmission System in Scotland is shared between two companies or “Transmission Owners (TO’s)”; Scottish Hydro Electricity Transmission PLC (SHE Transmission) and Scottish Power Transmission (SPT).

There are differences between the two regimes. For example, customer assets will be physically connected to National Grid owned assets in England and Wales; whereas in Scotland, the customer assets will be connected to the transmission assets owned by one of the Scottish TO companies. Another difference is the size of connections, measured in mega-watts.

Connections to the NETS in England and Wales tend to be larger than those in Scotland. Generators are required to be at least 100MW to be connected to the Transmission System in England and Wales, which is different to Scotland, where smaller generation is connected.