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  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you have a query about the BGAS Pipeline Inspection Scheme, it may be listed below. Please click on the question that applies to you and discover the answer to your query.  If you have a question not covered here, please contact the TWI team by email using the links on the Scheme Administration page

    • I have worked abroad using my BGAS/CSWIP approval for the past five years and I am unlikely to work in the UK in the short term. Do I need to re-sit my examination or can I receive automatic renewal if I send an authenticated CV from my employer?
    • If your original examination was undertaken in the UK and you have not worked on a National Grid gas contract during the five year validity period, then re-sit by examination will be required.

    • I hold a valid BGAS/CSWIP Senior Pipeline Inspector approval that is due for renewal shortly, can I re-new without the need for re-examination or will I have to re-sit my approval?
    • The complete rules governing renewals can be obtained by contacting TWI examination services. Simply put, automatic renewal may be granted providing that the inspector has worked on a National Grid Gas contract during the past five years, can provide documentary evidence of this (CV) and has performed their duties satisfactorily during this period. Where automatic renewal was granted by National Grid following the initial five year period, renewal by examination will be required to revalidate the approval(s) held by the end of the second five year period.

    • Where can I get copies of National Grid specifications?
    • There are a number of sources available depending upon the candidate or the inspectors individual situation:

      1. If you are employed by an inspection agency who provide inspectors for work on National Grid contracts, ask the agency to provide you with copies so that you can prepare for the examination.
      2. If you attend a formal training course to prepare you for a BGAS/CSWIP examination, the training provider should supply  you with copies of the National Grid specifications relevant to the examination being taken.