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  • System Security Services

  • National Grid has an obligation to ensure the security and quality of electricity supply across the GB Transmission System. There are a variety of tools available to assist National Grid in achieving this, including:

    • Buying or selling electricity in the Balancing Mechanism
    • Buying or selling electricity through Trading
    • Entering into contracts for Balancing Services

      For more information on the Balancing Services used to ensure system security please use the links below.

    • Balancing services Transmission Constraint Management

      A transmission constraint arises where the system is unable to transmit the power supplied to the location of demand due to congestion at one or more parts of the transmission network.

    • Balancing services Contingency Balancing Reserve

      DSBR is targeted at large energy users who volunteer to reduce their demand. SBR is targeted at keeping power stations in reserve that would otherwise be closed or mothballed.

    • Balancing services Maximum Generation

      The Maximum Generation Service allows access to capacity which is outside of the Generator's normal operating range in emergency circumstances.

    • Balancing services Intertrips

      Intertrip services are required as an automatic control arrangement where generation may be reduced or disconnected following a system fault event.

    • Balancing services Black Start

      Black Start is the procedure to recover from a total or partial shutdown of the GB Transmission System which has caused an extensive loss of supplies.

    • Balancing services SO to SO

      SO to SO services are provided mutually with other Transmission System Operators connected to the GB Transmission System via interconnectors.