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  • Industry recognition

  • National Grid Property has received a number of industry awards for its continued high performance in the brownfield sector. This includes awards for safety, corporate responsibility, sustainability and use of innovative techniques. Here are some of our more recent awards.


    Winner Brownfield Briefing - Best Public Participation (including use of visualisation) - National Grid
    Changing Skylines: Gasholder Demolition (supported by JBP and Local Dialogue)

    Last year we dismantled ten gasholders, and we are challenged with taking down another 19 in 2014/15. We are changing skylines and impacting communities across the UK, and public acceptability is key to the successful removal of these structures. Supported by our community relations specialists at JBP and Local Dialogue, we have worked hard to implement a programme of early and sustained engagement to build successful relationships with local stakeholders and communities. By applying this hand-on, open and transparent approach to working in and amongst communities across the UK, we believe will leave a lasting positivity of communities’ experience living close to these important brownfield development sites.

    Winner Brownfield Briefing Best Conceptual Design - Erith, PB and National Grid - In-situ Remediation of Beckton gasholder No.1

    The Beckton remediation project demonstrated an innovative, successful and sustainable in-situ approach to reducing environmental liabilities associated with gasworks contamination. The design provided a more sustainable, safe and less costly solution.  We demonstrated continual improvement throughout the project, ensuring best practice and minimising the impact of our works on the local community.


    Winner Brownfield Briefing – Best re-use of materials  

    A plan was developed by the project stakeholders using the CL:AIRE Code of Practice (COP) V2 to transfer material created by the National Grid London Power Tunnels project under direct transfer and waste reclamation protocols. These two distinct parts of National Grid has successfully coordinated to maximise the volume of material secured for re-use on National Grid Property (NGP) sites with consequential benefits for the company as a whole…[more]

    Winner Brownfield Briefing - Best Scientific or Verification Advancement  

    This project was a combination of innovative scientific thinking and engineering knowledge, and will be used to provide a solution to the identification of NAPL plumes associated within and without former gasworks. This programme of research has produced a method which has a potential application worldwide and has the potential for application to coking works across the globe... [more]

  • Previous Brownfield Briefing awards 


    • Winner: Constructing Excellence - Best Use of Waste Code of Practice Partington Cluster
    • Winner: Ground Engineering Awards - Sustainability Award. Partington Cluster


    • Winner: Best Project Closure / Verification Process’ - Warminster  
    • Winner: Most Sustainable and Low Carbon Remediation Project - Aldershot 
    • Winner: Most Considerate Project - Aldershot 
    • Winner: Best Small project ICE 'Engineering Excellence' Awards – Aldershot 
    • Winner: Sustainability. National Ground Engineering Awards - Aldershot 


    • Winner: Best Communications/Stakeholder Engagement – Redruth and Eccleshaw 
    • Winner: Best Young Brownfield Professional – Naomi Regan 
    • Winner: Best Low Carbon Remediation Technique - Northampton