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  • Commercial Relationships

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    • There are many different groups involved in the biomethane process. The commercial and contractual relationship model shows the flows between the parties.

      Producers – are responsible for producing the gas. The gas produced must meet the quality requirements set out in the Gas Safety (Management) Regulations GS(M)R 1996. The producers
      must secure sales of their gas with a shipper before it can be injected into the grid.

      Gas shippers – convey gas in the pipeline network by contracting with gas transporters, such as National Grid. Gas shippers must have a Gas shippers licence before taking part in any gas shipping actions.

      Gas transporters – own and operate the gas distribution network, using the infrastructure to transport the gas from producer to end consumer. Transporters may take responsibility for quality testing and gas metering.

      Suppliers – are responsible for customer interaction and provide an interface for consumers to purchase their gas. Suppliers must have a Gas retailer licence before engaging in any consumer contracts.

      Customers – purchase gas for residential, commercial or industrial use. They contract directly with gas suppliers to secure their gas.