• Our Journey

  • Our Journey

  • EMIB gas to grid injection facility

    EMIB functional specification issued, these are the requirements for integrated biomethane to grid injection facility which set out the overarching principles and functional requirements to commit safe, efficient and fit for purpose grid injection

    Market competition

    National Grid has helped develop the market by evolving our policies, and allowing 3rd parties to procure some of the necessary equipment and plant required to connect to the grid. 

    3rd party ownership connection model & customer procurement of equipment
    National Grid developed further connection options available for customers based upon our learning and feedback.  We also changed our policy and gave customers the option to procure their own equipment to facilitate a gas to grid connection.  By putting the control into the developers hands this has given more flexibility with project timescales.  More information on our connection models can be found by clicking here

    Successful delivery of Doncaster
    National Grid's first commercial bio-gas project  was delivered.  Working with Future Biogas , National Grid successfully commissioned the environmentally-friendly project to pump bio-methane into the gas network.  More information can be found with this case study

    Lessons learnt
    As soon as your project has closed out, National Grid will facilitate a project close out meeting, giving the opportunity to feedback what you've learned from the project. National grid takes this seriously and have already evolved policy based upon customer feedback. More information can be found in our  'How do we get you connected?' section. 

    New world models
    National grid furthered the connection models available for our customers and now have a number of choices dependent upon how each developer wishes to progress their project.  These are detailed in our technical information pages and also our customer guide to connect