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  • Network Emergency Co-ordinator

  • There is a legal requirement for there to be a Network Emergency Co-ordinator (NEC) when there is more than one gas transportation company operating on the UK gas network.

    The NEC is responsible for co-ordinating actions across the affected parts of the gas network to take action to prevent as far as possible, a supply emergency developing, and where it cannot be prevented, to take timely decisions in order to minimise the safety consequences.  A “supply emergency” is defined as an emergency endangering persons and arising from a loss of pressure in a network or any part thereof.

    The NEC is independent from any commercial interests of gas industry participants.  The role of NEC is currently undertaken by National Grid.

    Industry participants such as gas transportation and gas shipping companies have a legal duty of co-operation with the NEC.

    The NEC has established support arrangements to assist him in discharging his legal duties.  Support to the NEC is provided by the National Grid Emergency Planning Team.  This support includes the organisation of periodic industry wide emergency exercises to measure the effectiveness of industry’s response to a gas supply emergency.

    The NEC is responsible for declaring a Network Gas Supply Emergency and for authorising the use of emergency balancing tools to restore a supply -demand balance on the National Transmission System.

    The Procedure for Network Gas Supply Emergency (reference number T/PM/E/1) is produced on behalf of the NEC and made available to all industry participants.  It describes the types of NGSE that could be declared by the NEC, the emergency actions that may be authorised and the communication routes to be used during the emergency.

    • For further information contact:

      Emergency Planning Team
      Gas System Operation
      National Grid
      National Grid House
      Warwick Technology Park
      CV34 6DA


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