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  • Storage Curtailment Compensation Arrangements

  • Information relating to Storage Curtailment can be found in the Uniform Network Code (UNC) Transportation Principal Document under Section Q.

    The Storage Curtailment Compensation Arrangements enables users (who tend to be gas shippers) to be financially neutral should a Storage Curtailment be undertaken by the Network Emergency Coordinator (NEC).  A Storage Curtailment occurs where there is a reduction or cessation of delivery of gas to the NTS from a Storage Facility following either a direct or indirect request to do so by the NEC.

  • Documents to use

  • Storage Connection Point (SCP) and Storage Curtailment Compensation Quantity (SCCQ) Shipper Procedure and submission statement can be downloaded below:
  • SCP and SCCQ Shipper Procedure
    This is a link to the procedure for registered users to submit their Storage Curtailment Statement
    18 KB

    SCP and SCCQ Statement
    Download the spreadsheet here
    56 KB