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  • NTS Exit Zones and Exit Capacity Constraint Actions

  • This page provides a list of NTS Exit Zones and further materials regarding localised system management tools.

    Training is available for Shippers via the E-Training package available via xoserve. Access to the E-Training package can be requested from the Xoserve Customer Life Cycle team.

    • NTS Exit Zones

    • NTS Exit Zones are defined areas of the National Transmission System, comprising a number of NTS Exit Points. The boundaries of these are defined by distinct pressure boundaries relating to the geographical location of the compressors, regulators and multi junctions connected to the NTS.


      If system management actions are required, these may be carried out at NTS Exit Zone level.


      View the NTS Exit Zones list

    • Contact Us

    • Contact usFor queries regarding NTS Exit Zones or the Short Term Access to System Flexibility Methodology, please 

       contact the Shipper Liaison team via email

      or call 01926 656568.


      For all other queries, please contact

      the Capacity team via email 

      or call 01926 654057

  • NTS Constraint Actions

  • National Grid NTS have a range of system management tools available to manage localised requirements as described in the System Management Principles Statement. Where appropriate, National Grid NTS will notify Users of actions being taken via ANS. Below is useful information for Users regarding such actions.
  • Summary of Constraint Management Actions 

    A copy of the 2014 Pre-Winter Webinars are availabe on the supporting information page

    A copy of the web presentation given in September 2013 summarising National Grid's constraint management strategy and the tools available can be downloaded via the following links:

    Constraint Management Actions Presentation

    Constraint Management Live Meeting: Audio File

    Constraint Management Information

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  • Short Term System Flexibility (OPN Request)

    Balancing servicesNational Grid NTS will endeavour to notify Users via Active Notification System (ANS) messages if it believes that it may not be able to accommodate requests for short term system flexibility in one or more NTS Exit Zone(s).

    Download the Short Term System Flexibility Allocation Methodology PDF

  • Scalebacks

    NTS Gas connectionsNational Grid NTS may Scaleback Users’ Off-Peak Capacity if a constraint is forecast or experienced. Off-peak Capacity that has been scaled back may be restored if the constraint has been resolved.

    Download the Off-Peak NTS Capacity Scaleback and Restoration Process PDF


  • Firm Capacity Surrender (Buy-Back)

    ChargesNational Grid NTS may ask Users for offers to surrender their Firm NTS Exit Capacity if a constraint is forecast or experienced.

    Download the Firm NTS Exit Capacity Surrender Process PDF

  • Offtake Flow Reductions

    Our networksNational Grid NTS may ask Users for offers to deliver Offtake Flow Reductions if a constraint is forecast or experienced. An Offtake Flow Reduction is a reduction in flow at an offtake, relative to the prevailing OPN, for part or all of the gas day. 

    Download the Offtake Flow Reduction Process PDF

  • Locational Energy Actions

    Gas connectionsNational Grid NTS may ask Users for offers for Locational energy actions if a constraint is forecast or experienced. This process is unchanged under Exit Reform.

    Download the Locational Energy Actions Process PDF