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  • Capacity

    • Capacity gives shippers the entitlement to flow gas on and off the National Transmission System (NTS), and so capacity is often also referred to as ‘rights’ or ‘entitlements’. A shipper needs to buy 1 unit of capacity in order to flow 1 unit of energy on or off the system. This is known as the ‘ticket to ride’ principle. Units for both capacity and energy are in kWh/day
    • Latest Capacity Updates

      The Quarterly System Entry Capacity (QSEC) auction window opened on the 20th March at 8am and will be open for upto 2 weeks. Each bid window will open at 8am and close at 5pm with the results being published the same day.

      Final allocation of this auction will take place before 31st May 2017

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  • Entry Capacity

    • Entry Capacity Entry Capacity 

      Information regarding the Entry Capacity regime as well as all available Entry Capacity Auction details

      If Entry Capacity reports are required, please click the 'Entry Capacity Auction Publications' link

  • Exit Capacity

    • Exit Capacity Exit Capacity

      Information regarding the Exit Capacity regime along with all available Exit Capacity auctions details.

      If Exit Capacity reports are required, please click the 'Exit Capacity Auction Publications' link

  • Exit Capacity Documents


    In accordance with Mod0195AV that introduced long, medium and short term sales of NTS Exit Flat capacity through application and auction based mechanisms, the following documents provide details of transitional exit capacity from 01 October 2008 to 30 September 2012.

  • Summary of Exit Capacity

    27 Jun 2013
    Transitional Exit Data Publication Sep12
    148 KB

    03 Jul 2013
    Summary of Transitional Incremental Exit Capacity
    86 KB

  • Gemini Contingency Arrangements

    • AttentionGemini Contingency Arrangements

      The Gemini System and Contingency arrangements page provides guidance on the Gemini Code Contingency arrangements including the contingency proformas.

  • Constraint Management

    • Balancing servicesConstraint Management

      This page provides a list of NTS Exit Zones and further material regarding localised system management tools.

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