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  • Post Emergency Claims (PEC)

  • Post Emergency Claims (PEC) can be made relating to additional gas offered to the UK Gas System during a Gas Deficit Emergency (GDE). This web page contains details of the Post Emergency Claims process; including PEC User Guidelines, the standard claim form and useful information for claimants.

    The Post Emergency Claims rules are detailed in UNC Q4.5.

  • Process and Guidelines

  • The guidelines provide information regarding the processes and procedures that claimants are required to undertake when seeking to submit an eligible Post Emergency Claim.  In addition, the process flow diagram identifies the responsibilities of all parties and the flow of information.

  • Post emergency claims (PEC) user guidelines
    Guidelines for use when submitting Post Emergency Claims
    120 KB

    Post emergency claims (PEC) process flow diagram
    High level flow diagram for the PEC process.
    680 KB

    Post Emergency Claims Economic Assessment Guidelines (V2)
    Guidelines for economic price assessment of post-emergency claims
    54 KB

  • Claim Form

  • Claims should be submitted via email to within 6 days of the GDE to which the claim relates using the template.
  • Post emergency claims (PEC) template
    Proforma to be used when submitting a Post Emergency Claim
    35 KB

  • Supporting Information: OCM Process

  • As the OCM Physical Market is used to submit offers, for completeness we have provided details of Physical Renomination process for accepted offers and examples.

  • Renomination example for Turndown
    This document provides an example of how renominations would work if Physical offers for Turn down on the OCM were accepted.
    18 KB

    Physical Renominations example for turnup
    This document gives an example of how renominations would work for a turnup if Physical offers on the OCM were accepted.
    15 KB

    On the day commodity market (OCM) physical renominations on Gemini
    Presentation for users of Gemini
    893 KB

  • Reports

  • Following receipt of PECs, National Grid will use reasonable endeavours to publish information relating to claims on this webpage as detailed in the Uniform Network Code.  Example templates for the reports are attached below for information.  In the event of being required, PEC Reports will be published to this webpage.

  • Post Emergency Claim Reporting
    An example template which provides a guide to the reports which will be published regarding Post Emergency Claims and includes the timescales for publication as defined by UNC.
    20 KB