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  • Supporting Information

  • Gas Market Information

  • National Grid provides two publication services that serve gas participants with a wide-ranging view of data relevant to the operational behaviour of the gas network. These two applications are;

    • MIPI (Market Information Provision Initiative)
    • GMRS (Gas Market Reporting System)

    The MIPI and GMRS Applications are comprised of 4 key pages; details about each page are provided below.





    Instantaneous Flows

    • The provision of the latest telemetered data directly from the individual sites.
    • Included are all entry points (or combination of entry points from the same terminal) that are capable of flows into the network at rates greater than 10 mcm/day and that are owned and operated by National Grid (LNG Storage Sites)
    • The data is to 2 minute granularity and refreshed every 12 minutes.
    • Historic data is available via the User Defined Download functionality.


    Prevailing View

    • A single screen snapshot of the latest available information (forecast and actual)
    • This is updated throughout the day as new information becomes available


    Report Explorer

    • Provides several reports in a pre-defined format.
    • Categorised according to publication schedule
    • Limitation to view / download data to a singular Gas Day or Month.


    Data Item Explorer

    • All data is available at an individual data item level.
    • The data items are categorised according to subject
    • The ‘reports’ submenu groups according to Report Explorer
    • Users can select combinations of items at their choice.
    • There is the option to view the data on the screen or download via CSV or XML.

    Please refer to the documents below for further guidance.

    If you have any queries, contact us via email at or call us on 01926 656474

  • National Grid MIPI Report Explorer Help Functionality
    This document provides a description of the reports available via report explorer.
    129 KB

    Entry zone graphs definition
    The Entry Zone Graphs report shows the latest entry flow data
    47 KB

    User Defined Download definition
    This provides users with a flexible data download facility. Users can select any combination of sub–terminals/terminals to download, and can define the download period.
    49 KB

    Instantaneous flows definition
    The Instantaneous Flows into the NTS Report shows the latest telemetered data direct from the individual sites.
    88 KB

    Information Provision Overview
    This presentation provides detail on our information provision services, including MIPI and GMRS.
    1515 KB

    European Transparency
    The EU council agreed the 3rd package of EU energy market legal obligations (715/2009) on 3 September 2009. This document provides information on UK Market Interpretations
    37 KB

    Presentation: MIPI Changes October 2012
    This presentation outlines the Market Information Provision Initiative (MIPI) changes, made to support the implementation of the Enduring NTS Exit Capacity Arrangements
    3235 KB

    Glossary of Terms
    This document defines all the acronyms used within the Operational Data Help Texts in alphabetical order
    21 KB

  • Project: EU2015

  • New European legal and regulatory obligations will be effective from 01/10/2015 and 01/11/2015. These relate to the following EU Codes;

    • Capacity Allocation Mechanism (CAM) and Congestion Management Principles (CMP)
    • Balancing
    • Interoperability
    • Transparency

    In compliance with these obligations, a number of changes will be made to the MIPI and GMRS applications.

    Please refer this EU2015 Information Provision guide, which provides advice for the project, including the programme of work and the new data that will be available. 

  • Pull API Information

  • API Data Item List v1_6
    559 KB

    API Guidance v1_0 20_6_16
    235 KB

    Web Services Document for Pull API
    Attached is an API Web Service Document
    22 KB

    Pull API Sample File
    Pull API Web Service Definition Language
    API URL for Public Webservice
  • Pre-Winter Webinars

  • 2015 Webinars


    Last year, National Grid Gas Transmission hosted a programme of Webinars in readiness for the start of the new Gas Year. We received a lot of positive feedback on this programme and decided to offer 4 more sessions this year. You can access the presentation slides by clicking on the hyperlinked titles below

    Information Provision and our compliance with new EU Codes (Rhys Ashman & Kate Chamberlain, Operational Compliance Team). This session provides an overview of our information provision service and the changes that we will be introducing to ensure compliance to new EU regulations; some of these changes will require action from you to ensure that you continue to receive the data that you need. These changes become effective in three key stages.

     The Physical Operation of the NTS and our Winter Preparations (Carrie Clifford, Operational Delivery Team) This session looks at some of the challenges in operating the National Transmission System and the actions we can take. It also outlines our planning in preparation for winter.
    Capacity Actions and Interventions on the Gas Network (Jon Dutton & Julian Ross, NTS Capacity Team) This session outlines the NTS Capacity actions that are available to us to manage difficult days.  Many of these actions have not been utilised very often in recent years
    Gas Emergency Planning (Gary Dolphin, Emergency Planning Team) This session outlines the aims of the NEC Gas Emergency exercise (WOLF), which was held on October 14 and 15, and more importantly shares information that you and your teams will need if the gas industry ever went into an emergency situation.


  • Calorific Values

  • Click here to find out more information relating to Calorific Values (CV's) including what it is, how it is measured and links to daily data which affects each consumers gas energy bills.

  • Other Documents

  • Gas Demand Forecasting Methodology
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    ANS Shipper Admin Guide v15
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