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  • Exit Capacity Release Methodology Statement

  • The Exit Capacity Release Methodology statement (ExCR) describes the methodology that National Grid employs to determine the quantity of exit capacity that it will release to comply with its obligations in the Licence and Uniform Network Code. It applies to all exit capacity, i.e. existing exit capacity and additional “incremental” exit capacity. In particular, it details the commitment that Shippers and DN Users make when applying for, and being allocated, longer term exit capacity.   

    At the top of this page is the current version of the ExCR. Below this are documents relating to the review of the ExCR and related consultation material that is currently being consulted upon.

  • Current Approved Statement

  • The current statement can be found below, along with the Authority's letter of approval.
  • 31 Jul 2017
    Exit Capacity Release Methodology Statement (Approved) v12_0- Effective 31 July 2017
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    13 Jul 2017
    Ofgem Decision Letter (EU – July 2017)
    177 KB

  • Current Review and Industry Consultation

  • There is no current consultation.
  • If you would like to see the archived material for this methodology statement please select the link below.
  • Archive: Exit Capacity Release Methodology Statement

    Archive: Exit Capacity Release Methodology Statement

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