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  • Grid Code Panel and Alternate Elections

  • We are re-running the 2017 Grid Code Review Panel Elections for Members and Alternative Members. The revised timetable is as follows: 


    Nominations NOW OPEN – the date by which nominations of candidates are to be received by 5pm 28th April 2017  

    Candidates and voting papers – the date by which the Code Administrator shall circulate a list of Grid Code Review Panel Member candidates and voting papers is 2nd May 2017  


    Voting will only commence if more nominations are received than seats available in the respective categories  

    Voting papers – the dates by which the voting papers are to be submitted to the Code Administrator is 17th May 2017  

    Grid Code Review Panel Election results – will be made known no later than 19th May 2017  

    The first Panel under Open Governance will be held before the end of May.     

    The Membership Nomination letter, information of the Guide Grid Code Review Panel's roles and responsibilities and guidance on the process can be found below.   

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