• Summary of KPI’s & Targets

    • We measure the achievement of our objectives both through the use of qualitative assessments and through the monitoring of quantitative indicators.

      To provide a full and rounded view of our business, we use non-financial as well as financial measures. Non-financial measures are often leading indicators of future financial performance. Improvements in these measures build our competitive advantage.

      Although all our non-financial measures are important, some are considered to be of more significance than others, and these more significant measures are designated as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). A summary of both financial and non-financial KPIs can be found under related metrics to the right-hand side of this page. 

      KPIs are used as our primary measures of whether we are achieving our principal strategic aims of generating long term value. We also use KPIs to measure our performance against our objectives. 

      We have added new KPIs to better reflect the issues that matter most to our Company and our stakeholders. For this 2015/16 Report, we have included information about workforce diversity. We have also included two further new KPIs in our 2015/16 Report. These relate to community engagement in education, skills and capabilities. Executive remuneration is linked to some of our KPIs.