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  • Grid Data Centre

  • This Data Centre provides key performance data for our global operations.

    We recognise our various stakeholders are interested in different aspects of our business.  With this in mind, we have provided a number of themes on our performance data: 



    Data is collected at company level or country level (e.g. UK and US) and covers all wholly-owned operations.

    Our non-financial performance data is for the year ending 31 March unless otherwise stated and we have provided five-year trend data for most of our metrics. Due to differing regulatory reporting years, certain of our US environmental data in our totals are for year ended 31 December.

    Where appropriate and meaningful, both absolute and normalised performance data is provided. Normalised data provides a more accurate indicator of year-on-year performance than an absolute measure because it takes into account changing employee numbers or revenues resulting from acquisitions, disposals or other changes in the business.

    Unless otherwise stated, the performance data includes discontinued operations and UK Gas Distribution.