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  • Our history

  • National Grid is dedicated to being the world's premier network utility, primarily focused on delivering energy safely, reliably and efficiently.

    We own the high-voltage electricity transmission system in England and Wales and operate the system across Great Britain. We also own and operate the high pressure gas transmission system in Britain. In addition, we have electricity transmission systems in the northeastern US.

    Spirit of lightNational Grid in the US:

    • We own and operate electricity distribution networks in upstate New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Through these networks we serve approximately 3.4 million electricity consumers in New England and upstate New York.

    • Our US gas distribution networks provide services to around 3.6 million consumers across the northeastern US, located in service territories in upstate New York, New York City, Long Island, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

    We also have a number of businesses operating in related areas such as metering and interconnectors.

    All our networks are highly complex, requiring a unique mixture of skills, experience and planned investment.




    • 31 December 2013 - Transitioned operation and maintenance of the Long Island Power Authority’s (LIPA) electric transmission and distribution system on Long Island to Public Service Electric and Gas Company – Long Island (PSEG-LI)
    • October 2012 - Tropical Storm Sandy devastated eastern seaboard
    • June 2009 - US headquarters move from Westborough, MA to Reservoir Woods, Waltham, MA
    • August 2007 - Acquisition ofKeySpan
    • July 2007 - Announced sale of Basslink
    • April 2007 - Sale of National Grid Wireless
    • February 2006 - Agreements to acquire KeySpan Corporation and Southern Union Company’s gas distribution network in Rhode Island
    • July 2005 - Adoption of National Grid as single name for principal businesses
    • 1June 2005 - Sale of four gas distribution networks
    • 31 August 2004 - Acquisition of Crown Castle UK completed
    • 28 June 2004 - Acquisition of Crown CastleUK announced
    • 21 October 2002 - Merger of National Grid and Lattice completed
    • April 2002 - Merger of National Grid and Lattice announced
    • 31 January 2002 - Acquisition of Niagara Mohawk completed
    • 23 October 2000 - Lattice demerged from BG
    • September 2000 - Acquisition of Niagara Mohawk announced
    • 23 March 2000 - NEES and EUA acquisitions completed
    • December 1998 / January 99 - Acquisitions of NEES and EUA announced
    • 9 December 1997 - Energis demerged from National Grid
    • 17 February 1997 - Centrica demerged from British Gas
    • 11 December 1995 - National Grid listed on the London Stock Exchange
    • 31 March 1990 - Electricity industry privatised (National Grid owned by 12 Regional Electricity Companies)
    • 8 December 1986 - Trading in shares of British Gas plc commenced
    • 24 August 1986 - Assets of British Gas Corporation transferred to British Gas plc (integrated gas company for UK)


    National Grid in the U.S. owns and operates the following historical utilities

    Buffalo General Electric Company

    In Massachusetts:

    • Massachusetts Electric Company
    • Nantucket Electric Company
    • Boston Gas Company
    • Colonial Gas Company

    In Rhode Island:

    • Narragansett Electric Company

    In New York:

    • Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation
    • Brooklyn Union Gas Company
    • Keyspan Gas East Corporation

    In New England:

    • New England Power Company