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  • Pierre Dufour, Non-executive Director


    Appointed: 16 February 2016

    Tenure: Less than a year

    Committee membership: N, R, S

    Career and skills: Pierre started his career at SNC Lavalin Group, a Canadian engineering, procurement and construction management business. He joined Air Liquide in 1997, later going on to roles such as Chief Executive of the US operations, Chairman of the Board of Air Liquide Canada and several different positions within Air Liquide where he had responsibility for North American operations, while also overseeing safety and industrial risk management and operations in South America, Africa and the Middle East. Pierre then became Senior Executive Vice President of the Air Liquide Group with responsibility for all Air Liquide group activities across The Americas, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Pierre brings significant safety and engineering knowledge to the Board and, in addition to his executive experience, Pierre is also a Non-executive Director of Archer Daniels Midland.


    Skills and experience:

    Cu, E, GM, I and Sa.

  • Key

    B: Banking Ci: City* Cu: Customer
    E: Engineering Fi: Finance GM: General Management
    G: Government I: International P: Pensions
    R: Regulation Sa: Safety U: Utilities