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  • AMR Installers

  • National Grid Metering has introduced the new 'Agreement for The Connection of AMR Equipment to Metering Equipment' which has been developed by the Association of Meter Operators in conjunction with the rest of the industry.

    This new Agreement supersedes the previous two Agreements 'Framework Agreement and General Conditions for Installation of MPU Equipment to Meters with Badges Capacity Exceeding 11SCMH' and 'Framework Agreement and General Conditions for Installation of MPU Equipment to National Grid Daily Read Equipment'.

    All AMR installers who are currently signatory to the previous contracts who would like to continue to have access to the meter pulse output from National Grid meters will be required to sign the new agreement and will be contacted on an individual basis via letter.

    Current versions of Agreements, together with details of procedures, templates and prices can be accessed and printed from the electronic versions of the documents provided below. Alternatively potential installers can request copies of these documents by sending an email to

    When you undertake any AMR work you need to comply with the current recognised industry documents IGE/GM/7a and IGE/GM/7b.


  • AMR Contract

  • 25 Feb 2011
    Procedure guide for requesting work from National Grid Metering to facilitate AMR connections to NGmetering equipment
    71 KB

    25 Feb 2011
    Procedure guide for becoming an installer authorised to connect AMR equipment to National Grid owned metering equipment
    17 KB

    25 Feb 2011
    Framework agreement for the connection of AMR equipment to metering equipment
    124 KB

    30 Aug 2012
    AMR contract templates, work types and standard charges
    60 KB