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  • Publications

  • Payment of Surveyors Fees 2017
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    National Grid_s commitments when undertaking works in the UK
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    National Grid's commitments when undertaking works in the UK, December 2016
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    National Grid Wayleave Payment Schedule
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    Undergrounding high voltage electricity transmission lines - The technical issues
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    Terminology DEC 2014
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    Payments Schedule DEC 2014
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    Installation of Pipelines and Underground Cables DEC 2014
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    Overhead Transmission Lines DEC 2014
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    NG Commitment to Access Land OCT 14
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    Guidance on land rights Oct 13(1)
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    Our approach to the design and routeing of electricity transmission lines
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    Approach to Options Appraisal
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    Current Schedule of Rates
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    National Park Commitments
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    Development Near Overhead Lines
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  • A sense of place

    The increasing pressure for development and the urban renaissance planning agenda are leading to more development sites being brought forward through the planning process on land that is crossed by National Grid equipment.

    The high standards of design and sustainable development forms advocated by the emerging planning and urban design agenda require a more creative approach to new development around high voltage overhead lines: the need for guidance is clear.

    The sense of place guidelines therefore set out National Grid’s commitment to the highest standards of design in new development around or near high voltage overhead lines, and promote creative design solutions that are compatible with its statutory duty to maintain the national electricity infrastructure.

  • Gridline

  • 18 Jul 2017
    Summer 2017
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