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  • Access for Maintenance and Refurbishment of Overhead Lines

  • From time-to-time, access is required onto land to inspect, maintain and refurbish high voltage overhead lines. We have a duty to maintain the transmission system and power supplies, so we need to keep quick and easy access to our equipment.

    National Grid’s rights of access to do maintenance and refurbishment work are contained within the wayleave agreement or permanent easement with the landowner.

    Overhead power lines are inspected on a routine basis both by foot and helicopter. We also have to climb pylons.

    •Refurbishment of overhead lines can involve:
    •Replacement of conductors, insulators and associated fittings
    •Painting of pylons
    •Works to the pylons and their foundations
    New technology is helping us to reduce the disruption caused by these things, but during major refurbishment safety scaffolding may need to be put up over properties, roads and other development.

    Minor refurbishments (such as repainting) are usually needed every seven years. Major works tend to happen much less frequently.