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  • Avonmouth

    LNG Storage Consultation

    National Grid LNG Storage announces the start of a stakeholder consultation process to cease operational activities at its last remaining LNG Storage site from 30th April 2016. This date is based on the assumption that Avonmouth LNG storage can continue to offer and operate a liquefaction service during the 2015/16 season. This proposal does not affect the provision of services from National Grid’s Grain LNG Importation Terminal on the Isle of Grain.

    The consultation will run between 27 November 2014 and16 January 2015. Following this a formal announcement will be made to stakeholders by March 2015.

  • Consultation response documents

    27 Feb 2015
    LNG Storage Final Decision Avonmouth Consultation
    82 KB

    29 Jan 2015
    29-01-15 NG LNG Storage Initial Response to the Avonmouth Consultation
    32 KB

    22 Jan 2015
    RWE Supply and Trading Avonmouth Consultation Response 16-01-15
    46 KB

    19 Jan 2015
    Centrica response Avonmouth LNG 160115
    92 KB

    19 Jan 2015
    Avonmouth LNG Closure SSE Response Jan 15
    87 KB

    19 Jan 2015
    2015-01-16 SGN response to NG LNG on Avonmouth closure 2016
    1375 KB

    19 Jan 2015
    16-01-15 John Thurso MP Avonmouth Response
    593 KB

    13 Jan 2015
    Avonmouth LNG Consultation Response
    381 KB

    • Consultation on Avonmouth LNG Storage Facility

      Avonmouth is the last remaining of 5 LNG Storage facilities built in the 1970s and 1980s to provide Transmission support at the extremities of National Grid’s high pressure pipeline network. The LNG storage sites liquefied pipeline gas during the summer, stored the liquid at -160oC, then regasified it to provide rapid but short-duration support on the few days of demand each year. However, as the topography of pipeline networks and gas supplies into the UK have materially developed over the decades, the Isle of Grain facility was converted to a LNG importation terminal in 2005 and the other LNG Storage sites have closed.  The Avonmouth LNG Storage facility primarily provides services for customers wishing to reload LNG onto road tankers.

      The Avonmouth facility is characterised by assets approaching the end of their technical life (30+ years). Although safe, and in spite of significant inspection, maintenance and strategic spares provisions, the site has experienced a number of failures of its process plant in recent years. Accordingly LNGS have engaged with stakeholders and customers in recent years highlighting the resilience risks and the need for its customers to implement alternative arrangements.

      In light of the above, and as a prudent operator, NG propose to cease operational activities at Avonmouth on 30 April 2016 thereby minimising any future disruption through unplanned failure. We would welcome stakeholders feedback on this proposal and ask you to submit comments either directly to or via the feedback form opposite.

      Alternatively should you wish to discuss our proposal please do not hesitate to contact us on 01926 653438.

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