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  • Belgium - Nemo Link®

    Nemo Link® is the name of a project to construct an electrical interconnector between the UK and Belgium known as the Nemo Link® interconnector. It is a joint project between National Grid Nemo Link Limited, a subsidiary company of the UK's National Grid Plc, and the Belgian Elia group.

    The Nemo Link® interconnector will consist of subsea and underground cables connected to a converter station and an electricity substation in each country, which will allow electricity to flow in either direction between the two countries. The project will give both countries improved reliability and access to electricity and sustainable generation.

    In February 2013 Nemo Link® submitted a number of consent applications for the construction of the Nemo Link® interconnector. Applications made to UK authorities have been made in the name of National Grid Nemo Link Limited. Applications made to authorities in France and Belgium have been made in the name of Elia Asset SA.