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    The PARCA process doesn’t formally begin until Phase 1. However, we encourage and welcome bilateral discussions as early as possible. To formally initiate the process, submit a PARCA application form and fee to us. There are no defined timescales associated with this phase.


    To formally enter the PARCA process, you will need to complete a PARCA application form and submit it to us using the attached template. You will need to provide information that relates to your potential project, gas flow dates, your capacity requirement and, if required, a capacity tolerance. If you think your capacity requirement may change during the PARCA Phase 2 process, the capacity tolerance will be useful. It enables you to request a maximum and minimum capacity range in addition to your capacity requirement. Along with the application form, you are required to submit a PARCA application fee of £120,000. At the end of Phase 1, this fee will be reconciled to actual costs as either a credit or debit. The PARCA application fee will fund our desktop studies to assess the current network capability, which in turn informs the options and timescales for delivering your capacity needs

      PARCA Application Form  

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            PARCA Contract

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     Phase 1                                                                                                                                         


    During Phase 1 of the PARCA process, we will conduct a desktop study of the National Transmission System (NTS) to identify how we can deliver the capacity you have requested in your application form. This desktop network study is referred to as the Phase 1 Works and we will deliver the results of these works within six months.

    At the end of this phase, you will be provided with a Phase 1 output report and a PARCA contract.


    We will confirm receipt of your PARCA application form within two business days.

    The Phase 1 works can start where the application is deemed competent because it has met the following three requirements:

    • Your application form is correctly and fully completed
    • The required technical information has been provided
    • The Phase 1 application fee is paid and is available as cleared funds

    Once the application is deemed competent, we will confirm this to you within five business days.

    If the application does not satisfy the above requirements, it will be rejected and we will provide you with the reasons why as soon as we can.


    In our desktop study, we will explore a number of ways of delivering the capacity. This may be wholly through (or a combination of) existing network capability, substitution of capacity, a contractual solution or physical investment in the NTS. We will complete these works within six months of the start of Phase 1.

    We also release long-term NTS capacity through established UNC capacity auction and application processes, more specifically:

    • Long-term NTS entry capacity that is sold in quarterly strips through the Quarterly System Entry Capacity auction (QSEC) held annually in February and;
    • Long-term NTS Exit Capacity that is sold as an enduring evergreen product through the Enduring Annual NTS Exit Application process held annually in July. 

    So it's important to bear in mind that existing system capacity that could be used to fully or partly satisfy a PARCA request may also be requested by our customers through those processes detailed above. As such it may not be appropriate to initiate the Phase 1 works of a PARCA while the QSEC or enduring annual processes are running because it may not be clear how much existing capacity will be available to satisfy a PARCA request for the purposes of the Phase 1 studies.