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  •  Phase 2                                                                                                                                          

    PHASE 2 


    If you are a non-UNC party you will need to nominate one (or more) UNC party (or parties) to be registered as holding all or part of the capacity reserved under the relevant PARCA. You will need to make the user nomination before the capacity allocation date. If a non-UNC party ultimately fails to nominate a user we will discuss options with the non-UNC party and we may need to exercise our right to terminate the PARCA. This is because, in accordance with the UNC and our transporters licence, only UNC parties are entitled to hold and use NTS capacity.

    You will need to provide us with a completed user nomination.


    We understand that your capacity requirements may change as your project progresses and the technical capabilities of your project become more certain. You may change your capacity requirement once we have reserved it on your behalf, providing this is within the prevailing capacity tolerance as detailed in the PARCA contract. If you request a change to the quantity of capacity that is outside of this tolerance, we will still consider it, but there is no guarantee that we will agree to the change. Whenever there is a change to the level of reserved capacity, we will publish an update to the industry.


    Once we have reserved the capacity, we will initiate the relevant statutory planning consent process if it is likely that physical investment in the NTS is needed. This will either be the Planning Act or Town & Country Planning.


    Throughout Phase 2, you must provide information to demonstrate that your project is progressing. The information demonstrates the capacity need case and ensures that capacity is not being removed from the market without justification. 

    We have produced a document that explains the type of information we may expect from you in the Phase 1 output report for your specific PARCA. We will provide you with a schedule of information requirements specific to your project and the respective submission dates.

     Demonstration Data Process

     Demonstration Data                                                       


             Demonstration Information

             Demonstration Information     



    If at the end of Phase 2 you wish to proceed to Phase 3, we will formally allocate the capacity to you or your nominated user(s). When allocated, the capacity is fully financially committed. In other words, the capacity is purchased and will be invoiced in accordance with the UNC.

    As part of the demonstration information required, where you need a new connection to the NTS, you must have submitted the application for a new connection and signed an FCO for us to be able to allocate the capacity. Please note that if you have not initiated the application to offer process, we will be unable to allocate the capacity.

    If necessary, physical works are carried out for network reinforcement during Phase 3.

     Phase 3  

    PHASE 3

    Phase 3 is the time between capacity allocation and the capacity registration date. Our activities in this phase may include network reinforcement.


    We will deliver your capacity on the date specified in the Phase 1 output report.

    You will have the commercial capacity rights to access the NTS from this point forward.