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    The Planning and Advanced Reservation of Capacity Agreement (PARCA) is a bilateral contract that allows long-term National Transmission System (NTS) entry and/or exit capacity to be reserved for a customer while they develop their own project, before they buy that reserved capacity.

    Initially, a customer will submit a PARCA application requesting the capacity they need. We will use the information provided in the PARCA application to determine how and when the capacity requested can be delivered.

    A key aspect of the PARCA arrangement is that it helps the customer and National Grid to progress their respective projects in parallel. It also assures the customer that capacity has been reserved with the option to buy it later. The financial commitment to the capacity (allocation of capacity) itself is required only once the customer and National Grid are relatively sure that their projects will go ahead.

    Capacity and Connection

    The PARCA allows you to reserve capacity but it does not provide you with an NTS connection.

    If you need a new connection to the NTS, or a modification to an existing NTS connection, you will need to go through the application to offer (A2O) process.

    The A2O process typically takes three years from application to the construction of the physical connection.

     PARCA timeline                                                                                                                                                              

    The timescales associated with the PARCA process may be up to seven years from application to the physical build of any capacity where required, depending on project timescales and our delivery of the capacity.

    The PARCA indicative maximum timescales are shown below:

     PARCA Phase timeline V2

    As the capacity process (PARCA) and the connection (A2O) processes are separate, you have flexibility to initiate these two processes at your discretion.

    The connection and capacity processes are separate; the two processes can become dependent on each other. To prevent stranded capacity, we won't allocate reserved capacity if a new or modified connection is required unless a full connection offer (FCO) has been progressed and accepted. Typically, it can take around 12 months to receive and sign an FCO, so the A2O process (if required) needs to be initiated at least 12 months before the capacity allocation date defined in the PARCA contract.

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     PARCA Window Notices              

    PARCA Termination Notice - 21/03/2017

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    PARCA Window Notice - Update 17/05/2016

    PARCA Window 26/04/2016 - Notice Update

    PARCA Application Notice - 17/06/2016 

    PARCA Window Opening Notice - 24/10/2016

    PARCA WINDOW Closure Notice 231116

    The PARCA framework is split into four logical phases: Phase 0 to Phase 3. This phased structure gives the customer natural decision points where they can choose whether to proceed to the next phase of activities.  

     PARCA Phases