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  • Gas Transmission Connections

  • Application to Offer

  • ChargingAs agreed with the wider industry National Grid has formalised its procedures for producing an offer for a gas connection onto the National Transmission System (NTS).

    When an applicant wishes to connect to the NTS or modify an existing NTS connection, they need to complete and submit the relevant Application form, which is published on this website.

    Transmission connections are only appropriate for the largest users of gas; gas distribution networks and major industrial premises such as power stations, combined heat and power (CHP) schemes and a few major energy intensive industries.

  • Gas transmission pipelines      Brecon-Tirley pipeline      Milford Haven pipe lowering

  • Below is a link to the application forms and application guides required to request an Offer for a new connection or a modification to an existing connection.

    In order to start the process the following criteria need to be fulfilled:

    • A correctly completed and technically competent application form must be submitted.  The form includes all the information that National Grid deems essential to make a formal Connection Offer.

    • An Application Fee, as stated in the UNC Section Y Gas Charging Statement, must be deposited with National Grid as cleared funds.

    The period from Clock Start to Issue Offer is dependent on the type of Offer to be made: 

    • An Initial Connection Offer (ICO) will be made within 2 months; 
    • A Full Connection Offer (FCO) requiring a Conceptual Design Study will be made within 6 months;
    • A Full Connection Offer (FCO) requiring a Feasibility Study will provide the Feasibility Study report within 3 months and the Offer 6 months following acceptance of the report by the customer.
  • Application to Offer documents

    UNC - Application for NTS Connection - v4_2 - February 2016
    3579 KB

    Application for NTS Connection - Guide v3_0 October 13
    230 KB

    1333 KB

    Application to Modify a Full Connection Offer - Guide v3_0 October 13
    201 KB

  • Supporting Information

    Gas_Charging_Statement_December_2016 FINAL AG 28 02 2017
    457 KB

    Response Proforma for Completion v1
    34 KB

    Gas_Charging_Statement_December_2016 Final draft 14 12 2016
    242 KB

    Consultation Document v6 final 14 12 2016
    366 KB

    Gas Charging Statement December 2014
    464 KB

    Guide to Exit Connections v1_1 Oct 2013
    95 KB

    Technical Information v0_1
    121 KB

    Gas Charging Statement August 2013
    89 KB

    Transmission Planning Code
    958 KB

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