• Please note: The current waiting time for a gas connection is approximately 8 – 10 weeks from the date we receive payment and acceptance. National Grid will always try to offer the earliest plan data available. If Traffic Management or other restrictions apply in your area this may increase waiting times.

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    If you need a gas meter moving, we can provide a specialist skilled team to help you every step of the way.

    The most common reasons for needing a gas pipe alteration are completing renovation works or extending your property.

    You may want to alter the position of your current gas pipes and meter if they are in the way and would be more suitable in another position.

  • Information you’ll need

    • Full address of the property where the work is needed.
    • Property owner's full name and telephone number.
    • Distance of external pipework needed to move the gas meter from its current position to its new position.
    • Distance of internal pipework needed to reconnect the gas boiler to the gas meters new position (If you wish for us to reconnect the gas meter for you).