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  • Please note: The current waiting time for a gas connection is approximately 8 – 10 weeks from the date we receive payment and acceptance. National Grid will always try to offer the earliest plan data available. If Traffic Management or other restrictions apply in your area this may increase waiting times.

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    Gas Connections

    At National Grid our job is to connect customers to the energy they use – whether heating homes or to keep factories, shops and businesses going. 

    Our Gas Distribution business owns the gas pipes in the ground. These pipes supply gas to about 11 million businesses, schools and homes and to the largest cities in England.

    We offer this service to customers in the following areas: East of England, London, North West and the West Midlands. 8 steps to getting the work done


    Connecting you to your energy today, trusted to help you meet your energy needs tomorrow.

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    • Our services

      Find out about the types of gas services we can offer and what's involved in the process. You can also get a guide price for our services before fully making an application for works.
    • Contact us

      If you need help or have questions, find out here how to get in touch with us.
    • Our charges

      Here you will find detailed information about our charging methods for the gas services we provide.
    • Alternative providers

      You have a choice of companies who can provide gas services alternative to National Grid. There are utility infrastructure providers (UIPs) that you can use for gas services.
    • Terms and conditions

      Read our full terms and conditions relating to all the gas services we offer.