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    The Transmission Works Register is currently under review as the regime has changed since its introduction and we are assessing with the industry as to what the right information is to produce to supplement that already in existence. 

    The major regime change is the move to connect and manage such that an individual connection is now only reliant upon enabling works and not wider works and therefore the amount of shared infrastructure with other Customers is much reduced. 

    Wider transmission reinforcements can be identified through the Electricity Ten Year Statement which is produced in November each year. The Transmission Network Quarterly Connection Update produced every quarter details the location, size and year of connection for all contracted generation and identifies areas of connection opportunities and likely connection dates. 

    Whilst we are reviewing this report, if you would like information regarding your specific project then please speak to your account manager and if you have any thoughts on the information you would like us to produce that will help you then please speak to your Account Manager or Julian Leslie at

  • 06 Jul 2015
    TEC Register - 06 July 2015
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