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  • Industry products

  • There are various, short-term trading arrangements available to users under the terms of their agreement. Clicking on the heading for each will take you to a more detailed explanation of the product and its availability.

    The following pages provide access to various registers published by National Grid. These registers are used to provide a detailed snapshot of the current contracted position of the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS).

    This is achieved by publishing information about current and future electricity generation sites once they have signed their agreements with National Grid.

    Information that we publish includes:

    • Company Name
    • Site Name
    • Plant Size
    • Plant Type
    • Completion Dates
    • Required Reinforcement Works

    All of this information is available to allow for more informed decisions to be made when planning potential projects.

    For more details on what each register holds please us the links below.

    TEC Register
    Embedded Generation Register
    Transmission Reinforcement Works
    Timely Connections 
    Transmission Networks Connections Update
    Connect and Manage
    Short Term TEC
    Limited Duration TEC
    Charging Statement