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  • Contingency Balancing Reserve Methodologies

  • The following DSBR and SBR methodologies have been approved by Ofgem.

    The Volume Requirement Methodology and SBR Procurement Methodology dated December 2015, were approved by Ofgem on 4th December and have been used to define the volume requirement and procurement of the products for winter 2016/17.

    Those dated 1st May 2015 were used to define the volume requirement & procurement of both products for winter 2015/16.

  • 14 Oct 2016
    SBR Operational Methodology 2016_17
    326 KB

    22 Aug 2016
    DSBR Procurement Methodology 2016_17
    500 KB

    07 Dec 2015
    Volume Requirement Methodology 2016_17
    882 KB

    07 Dec 2015
    SBR Procurement Methodology 2016_17
    527 KB

    01 May 2015
    SBR Operational Methodology
    228 KB

  • Archived Methodologies 

    Earlier versions of the DSBR and SBR methodologies are available below: 

  • SBR Operational Methodology
    95 KB

    DSBR Operational Methodology
    109 KB

    Volume Requirement Methodology
    2359 KB

    SBR Procurement Methodology
    148 KB

    DSBR Procurement Methodology
    292 KB