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  • National Grid Transmission Talking Networks

  • Our performance stakeholder materials 2015/16

  • Find out how our Gas Transmission and Electricity Transmission businesses are performing

    Our performance:

    Gas Transmission Infographic

    Inforaphic Gas  

    Our performance:

    Electricity Transmission Infographic

    Infographic Electricity  
  • National Grid - Our Performance 2015/16, Electricity

    National Grid Our Performance 2015/16, Gas

    Further information can be found on our dedicated stakeholder engagement website Talking Networks.

    Talking Networks Transmission

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  • In 2013/2014 we published an update and consultation that informed you how we have been incorporating your views into our future plans and checked we are doing the right things and engaging with you in the right way. 

    Our 'Committing to you’ publication below shows the results of this consultation and provides information on what we are committed to delivering in 2013/14. Developed with your input, our commitments focus on improving the services we provide and engaging with you  on the issues that are important to you.