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    • National Grid Gas Distribution

    • April 2013 


      We recently published our first Committing to You” document for 2013 on our dedicated Stakeholder website Talking Networks for our four gas distribution networks, East of England, North London, North West and West Midlands.

       The document shows the results of our November 2012 consultation that concluded on the 1st February that gave you, our stakeholders the opportunity to tell us how we are doing, if and how you would like to engage with us and the areas you would like us to focus on for this year.

      The first part of the publication summaries the responses the consultation and the second part provides detail on the 29 commitments that we are making for 2013 which we will report on later in the year.

      Continue to Have your Say

      Our consultation document “Continue to Have your say” has been refreshed as your views and feedback continue to be important to us to help shape our business and make wider industry changes.

      We would be delighted to hear from you; this can be done by completing the survey in “Continue to Have your say”, or by contacting us on 01926 656923 or sending an email to

      For further information please visit Talking Networks

      Update on RIIO-GD1 Business Plans

      28th February 2013: Message from Steve Holliday, National Grid Chief Executive

      “I am pleased to confirm agreement of the RIIO price controls for our UK businesses. This is the culmination of a new process that started over three years ago, and represents another opportunity for National Grid to deliver further shareholder value.

      These arrangements give our UK businesses their longest ever period of regulatory clarity. This enables us to focus on driving efficiency across our operations while building the infrastructure that the country needs and at the same time realise the benefits of excellent performance for both customers and investors.

      We are extremely grateful for the support and valuable input received from our stakeholders which has helped us shape our plans for the future. We look forward to continuing this engagement with you throughout the eight year RIIO price control period.”

      The full RNS Statement can be found on our National Grid website:  RNS Statement

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