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  • Project SAMUEL Grid Data Measurement Systems

  • The cost of balancing the electricity transmission system will increase as more intermittent renewable generation is used. One way to manage this would be by using demand consumer loads, however these cannot be accurately calculated and are unable to be applied to energy balancing through response and reserve services. There is currently a lack of cost effective communication systems available. Overall this leads to an increase in balancing costs, and challenges the use of renewables going forward. The project will demonstrate whether there is a new method of communicating system frequency data that is capable of delivering a signal to a number of receiving devices across the country. It will test a grid data and measurement system to see if it can use the existing operational communication infrastructure.

    Over the past few months, signals have been sent and received successfully at various locations. Research shows that it is possible to modulate the grid frequency by using a distributed set of loads. Data can therefore be transmitted through the whole grid, building a broadcast system suitable for communicating with new demand-side response providers. 

    Project partners:

    Reactive Technologies

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     To find out more about this project, download the NIA Annual Summary 2015/16 (page 17)