• Global Technology Search: National Grid and 100%Open

  • 100 percent open

    Working in partnership, National Grid and 100%Open are conducting a global technology search, to identify potential new technologies that have application in the Gas Industry and have the potential to be commissioned as projects under the Network Innovation Allowance (NIA).

    National Grid Gas Distribution (NGGD) is seeking to engage with new technology suppliers who will bring innovations to solve specific technical challenges. The company has therefore engaged 100%Open on a project basis to manage and undertake a structured search for such new suppliers during Q3 2014. During the project, 100%Open will act on the behalf of NGGD to search for, engage with, evaluate, and recommend potential technology suppliers who may have solutions to NGGD’s specific identified challenges.

    National Grid is an international electricity and gas company and one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world. The company’s principal operations are the ownership and operation of regulated electricity and gas infrastructure networks in the UK and Northeast USA. 

    100%Open is a specialist open innovation agency that helps large organisations create value by innovating with others. The company has worked with many of the world’s leading corporations and other organisations to help them identity and start working with new strategic partners in order to fulfil their innovation ambitions.