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    Innovation is at the heart of the RIIO regulatory framework.
    At National Grid our aim is to embed a culture of innovation into
    everything we do.

    • Network Innovation Allowance

       Network Innovation Allowance

      The Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) is an Ofgem incentive mechanism for funding smaller innovation Projects that can deliver benefits to customers.

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    • Network Innovation Competition 

      Network Innovation CompetitionThe Network Innovation Competition (NIC) is an annual competition to fund flagship innovative projects which could deliver carbon or environmental benefits for gas customers, and that would not otherwise be funded without this additional funding.

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    • Gas Transmission 

       Gas TransmissionAs part of our enduring commitment to innovation, Gas Transmission continues to nurture a culture of innovation that will drive improvement in our business processes and technology application to deliver value to our customers. 

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    • Electricity Transmission 

      Electricity TransmissionBuilding upon the experience from the IFI scheme, feedback from our stakeholders and from other third-party organisations, we will leverage our three pillar approach to maximise the benefits to the end consumer.

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    • Gas Distribution  

      Gas DistributionGas Distribution aims to embed a culture of innovation in everything we do, and aims to continuously improve our business, through both technical and commercial innovation.

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