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  • Gender pay statistics

  • On 6 December 2016, the UK Government Equalities Office published regulations on the reporting of company-specific gender pay statistics for UK employees which will come into effect 5 April 2017. As such, we will prepare gender pay statistics according to the methodology set out in the final regulations and aim to disclose this data following the 5 April 2017 effective date and prior to our 2017 AGM.

    Prior to the release of draft or final regulations from the UK Government, last year we voluntarily disclosed gender pay statistics as of 1 October 2015 using a methodology that focused on Equal Pay considerations. This information is set out in the table below:

    Employee category Category description Gender Basic Pay Statistic
    Management Personal contract holders including middle and senior management of the company 0%
    Staff Non-managerial roles which do not fall within the Operational and Engineering and Industrial categories below -3%
    Operations & Engineering Collectively bargained roles within the operations and engineering functions, excluding Industrial 3%
    Industrial Collectively bargained roles for Gas Distribution Industrial field force -1%
    Average   0%