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  • GB Charging Approval Conditions

  • In December 2004, the Authority published its decision letter on National Grid’s original proposals for GB TNUoS, Connection and BSUoS charging methodologies. Whilst the TNUoS proposal was rejected, the Authority approved National Grid’s proposal for a GB Connection Charging methodology with one condition relating to site specific maintenance.

    National Grid submitted its revised proposals for a GB TNUoS methodology to the Authority for approval in February 2005. The Authority approved National Grid’s GB TNUoS methodology in March 2005 and attached five conditions to the approval. The conditions relate to future actions by National Grid and represent actions which in the view of the Authority, might reasonably be expected to promote further the attainment of the relevant objectives of National Grid’s TNUoS methodology.

    In May 2005, National Grid presented the Transmission Charging Methodologies Forum (TCMF) with an indicative workplan and programme of work to further each of the five imposed conditions. Please note, the workplan is indicative and the timeline may be subject to changes, depending on the outcomes of the given milestones.

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