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  • Electricity Transmission Charges

  • These pages contain information about the charges that users of the electricity transmission system have to pay, how they are calculated and what changes are currently being considered by the industry. We do not charge household consumers directly, please contact your supplier for any domestic queries.

    If you require further information on National Grid's charging methodologies and principles or have a specific charging enquiry, then contact our Charging Team at


    • TNUoSTransmission Network Use of System charges cover the cost of installing and maintaining the transmission network 

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    • BSUoS

      Balancing Services Use of System charges cover the costs of day to day operations of the transmission network.

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    • Connection-Charges

      Cover the cost of installing and maintaining each user's connection assets

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    • AAHDC

      The Assistance for Areas with High Electricity Distribution Costs scheme reduces costs in certain areas, such as the North of Scotland

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       A holistic review of
       charging arrangements

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    • What Security do I need to provide?

    • This area details the security requirements that National Grid requires users to have to use the transmission system

      Security Requirements

    • Charging methodology forum

    • National Grid holds a two-monthly forum where users can discuss future charges and methodology changes