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  • Supporting information

    • End-to-end balancing guide

      This guide outlines the commercial elements of GB gas balancing activity. Individuals who are new to the balancing regime can find helpful explanations of the roles of National Grid and shippers in the market. Those more familiar with balancing can find out more about scheduling charges, National Grid’s incentives, and the reporting of balancing actions.
    • Gas transmission capacity guidelines

      This guide outlines the gas transmission network’s access capacity purchasing processes that National Grid Transmission applies from November 2015. Included are explanations of the different types of entry and exit capacity, and the various types of auctions and applications that are in place. Also available is up to date information for the EU Capacity Allocation Mechanism (CAM), and forecasted future changes for National Grid’s capacity processes.

  • We value your feedback 

    Following feedback from our customers and stakeholders that the balancing and capacity regimes are complex and difficult to understand, we have developed 2 new guidance documents. These guides are intended to give a high-level overview to help educate parties involved with the GB Gas Transmission balancing and capacity processes.

    These are our first versions and we hope to work with you to develop them further and invite your comments on the current versions. Our intention is to create revised versions once we have received your responses, and then undertake a rolling annual review to incorporate any further feedback we may receive from you in the future.

    Please can all comments be submitted by Thursday 30th June to