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  • Gas Demand Side Response (DSR)

  • Demand Side Response is a new service that is being developed by gas industry representatives to encourage daily metered (DM) consumers to offer to reduce their gas demand during times of system stress. The aim is that by providing DSR prior to entering a gas supply emergency, DM consumers have the potential to protect their critical loads by turning down other less critical loads and receive compensation for doing so. This has the potential to minimise the cost of demand interruptions and further reduce the likelihood of entering into an emergency. The Gas Demand Side Response service will be available from 1st October 2016.

    We have developed a DSR Guidance Brochure to help consolidate information on gas DSR in one place and to provide a useful guide for anyone new to the scheme.

    • Gas DSR Draft Report Cover

    • Background

      National Grid, with industry input, has developed a Gas Demand Side Response Methodology [pdf] setting out the framework for the DSR service.

      In July 2015 National Grid held a two phase trial and, based upon the success of this trial, Ofgem directed National Grid to move to implementation.

  • Eligibility for the final Implemented DSR product

    Only a Registered User at the Supply Points that comply with the eligibility rules specified in this DSR Framework and Methodology may enter offers into the DSR mechanism. In turn the DSR Framework and Methodology must satisfy the criteria and obligations set out in the Gas Transmission Licence obligation SC8I.

    An Eligible Supply Point is a Daily Metered Consumer (DMC) as defined in the Uniform Network Code (UNC) Section A4.5. An Eligible DMC will be:

    1. a Supply Point with a registered demand >2million therms per Annum (2M tpa);
    2. Able to offer a minimum DSR Offer energy quantity of 100,000 kWhs in any one DSR Offer Notice.

    A Shipper may only submit a DSR Offer onto the On the Day Commodity market (OCM) Platform – Locational market for an Eligible DMC where:

    1. it is a Registered User at the Eligible DMC; and
    2. it has entered into a DSR Service Contract, with the relevant End User, prior to the relevant Das Deficit Warning (GDW) being declared.
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