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  • Winter Webinars

  • 2016 Webinars

  • As we are now in the 2016 Winter Period we have developed a suite of pre-recorded webinars to provide guidance to the industry to aid decision making. We are conscious that many of our operational customers work non-standard hours and therefore felt that pre-recorded webinars would be beneficial as these can be viewed flexibly at times to suit operational needs.

    The  webinars cover the following topics:

    Introduction to the Winter Webinars & Guided tour of our Industry Information Website (MIPI and GMRS)  

    This webinar provides an overview on how to find our data on MIPI & GMRS including Prevailing View, The Explorers, Instantaneous Flows and other data provisions in which you may find useful. It also provides a summary of our communication roots including Operational News, Operational Forum, API’s and subscription services. Please click the link below to view ‘Guided tour of our industry Information Website Webinar’

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    Constraint Management 

    This webinar provides an overview of Constraint Management objectives and what constitutes a Constraint including the system operator actions taken upon a Constraint. It also provides a summary of the EU changes at Interconnection Points (Nominations/Operational Balancing Accounts). Please click the link below to view ‘Constraint Management Webinar’ 

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    Emergency Planning 

    This Webinar provides a summary to the Network Gas Supply Emergencies including Network Emergency Co-ordinator/Management teams roles and pre emergency actions. It also provides an overview of the 2016 NEC Emergency Exercise. Please click the link below to view ‘Emergency Planning Webinar’  

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    Demand Side Response

    This webinar provides an overview of what Demand Side Response is and the purpose of it. It demonstrates how Demand Side Response  exactly works and how it can be used by explaining who is eligible to take part and how you can get involved. Please click on the link below to view ‘Demand Side Response Webinar’

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    Over the past two years we have utilised both live webinars and standard presentations to share information with the industry which has been accessed over 1000 times. Thank you for your interest in these and please note we are striving to improve the media of communication used and to ensure to ensure the topics presented are of value to our customers, so your continued feedback is gratefully received.   

    There will be an opportunity for customers to ask queries about the topics presented to which we will publish frequently asked questions on a weekly basis for the first 4 weeks.  Following that any updates to the FAQ’S will be made on a monthly basis.

    On Thursday 24th November at 1:00pm there will be a live call where subject matter experts from each of the topics presented will be available to answer any further specific queries. This session also provides the opportunity for customers to understand any other operational topic areas that would be beneficial through this winter period.To this extent we would ask that once you have viewed the presentations you advise us if there are other topics you would like to have further information on. We would also ask that you pre- register your interest in attending this call by e-mailing the team direct where you will be provided with the log on details for the call.

    Please note that we also provide a suite of both standard and customer requested information at our Transmission Operational Forums the next of which is on Wednesday 16th November. This forum is open to all of our operational customers and we look forward to seeing you at a future meeting. Please click on the link below for further information on the Transmission Operational Forums:

  • 2015 Webinars


    Last year, National Grid Gas Transmission hosted a programme of Webinars in readiness for the start of the new Gas Year. We received a lot of positive feedback on this programme and decided to offer 4 more sessions this year. You can access the presentation slides by clicking on the hyperlinked titles below

    Information Provision and our compliance with new EU Codes (Rhys Ashman & Kate Chamberlain, Operational Compliance Team). This session provides an overview of our information provision service and the changes that we will be introducing to ensure compliance to new EU regulations; some of these changes will require action from you to ensure that you continue to receive the data that you need. These changes become effective in three key stages.

     The Physical Operation of the NTS and our Winter Preparations (Carrie Clifford, Operational Delivery Team) This session looks at some of the challenges in operating the National Transmission System and the actions we can take. It also outlines our planning in preparation for winter.
    Capacity Actions and Interventions on the Gas Network (Jon Dutton & Julian Ross, NTS Capacity Team) This session outlines the NTS Capacity actions that are available to us to manage difficult days.  Many of these actions have not been utilised very often in recent years
    Gas Emergency Planning (Gary Dolphin, Emergency Planning Team) This session outlines the aims of the NEC Gas Emergency exercise (WOLF), which was held on October 14 and 15, and more importantly shares information that you and your teams will need if the gas industry ever went into an emergency situation.