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  • Supporting Documents & Forms

  • Supporting Docs for UIP's / GT's

    Agency Agreement Process - Guidance Note
    18 KB

    Agency Agreement Process - Questions and Answers
    16 KB

    As-laid Template
    54 KB

    Completion Team Checklist
    70 KB

    Connections Consultation Paper
    82 KB

    Connections Consultation Response
    42 KB

    Labelling of Gas Services
    2904 KB

    Meter Point Reference Number Process
    220 KB

    NG Test Certificate Template
    38 KB

    Start Date Notification Spreadsheet
    42 KB

    The Capture Of Pipe Asset Records By UIP-GT
    177 KB

    TSPNP14e - Specification for the Design of System Extensions, Connections and Services to below 7Bar NG Systems
    310 KB

    TSPSER8 Specification for Service Terminations
    696 KB

    UIP Legal Framework Document
    442 KB

  • Forms for UIP's / GT's

    FM137 UIP Enquiry Form
    16 KB

    FM138 UIP Quotation - Request - Design Notification Form
    42 KB

    FM138a UIP Fast Track Self Quotation Acceptance Form
    78 KB

    FM139 Design Submission Requirements Checklist
    42 KB

    FM140 GT-UIP Quotation Variation - Self Connection Notification Form
    66 KB

    FM153 Request for Quotation of an NDM GT Connected System Exit Point
    30 KB

    FM153a GT Fast Track Self Quotation Acceptance Form
    111 KB

    FM172 Land Enquiry for an NDM GT Connected System Exit Point
    20 KB

    FM176 Request for Medium Pressure Tier Information
    63 KB

    GT2 Request for Authorisation Form
    219 KB

    UIP Registration Form - July 2016
    138 KB