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  • Safe Control of Operations

  • Customer’s wishing to complete the final connection (in accordance with UIP/IGT Briefing Note 1) will be required to nominate competent individuals to act as Authorising Engineers (AE) and Competent Persons (CP) to manage and control the connection in line with National Grid’s SCO procedures. The customer must make an application to National Grid for their AE and CP registration and provide relevant evidence for assessment of competence.

    If the evidence of competence is acceptable, the customer AE & CP must then undergo training and assessment on National Grid’s SCO procedures. Following successful completion of the training and assessment, National Grid will register the customer AE and CP on National Grid’s national permitry databases.

    NOTE: Each connection will require a separate AE and CP i.e. the roles cannot be combined. The AE and CP role can be carried out within the UIP/IGT customer or their sub contract organisation, subject to National Grid’s SCO procedures.

    Application packs for AE and CP registration should be requested from the National Grid Network Controller.

  • Form 1PQ - Pre-Qualification for Registration of Authorising Engineers
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    NG System for CP and AE SCO-STC Matching Matrix
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