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    System Operability Framework

    The System Operability Framework (SOF) takes a holistic view of the changing energy landscape to assess the future operation of GB electricity networks. The SOF combines insight from the Future Energy Scenarios with a programme of technical assessments to identify medium-term and long-term requirements for operability.

    Growth of low carbon and renewable generation, closures of conventional thermal power stations and changing interactions across the whole of the power system are just a few of the areas considered in the context of a rapidly changing power system.

    Through extensive industry interaction, the SOF evolves year‑on‑year to meet changing operational and stakeholder needs. It provides insight which sets the direction for the development of codes, services and asset solutions which can innovatively address the operability requirements of the future.

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      .Solar Eclipse 2026 Solar Eclipse 2026
      As solar generation capacity increases, so does the potential impact of a solar eclipse. We look at how the next significant eclipse in the UK might affect system operation.
       .LFDD Cover Low Frequency Demand Disconnection
      LFDD is a resilience scheme to support the system frequency during rare events. We investigate how the scheme's capability is reduced by the growth in distributed generation.
       .SOF Slides July2017  Slides from July 2017 Webinars

  • 2016 System Operability Framework

    SOF 2016 - Data Tables
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    SOF 2016 - Launch Event Slides - Key Messages and Insights
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    SOF 2016 - Full Interactive Document
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    SOF 2016 - Full Non-interactive Document
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    SOF 2016 - September Post-assessment Webinar
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    SOF 2016 - July Mid-assessment Webinar
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    SOF 2016 - May Pre-assessment Webinar
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  • 2015 System Operability Framework

    SOF 2015 - Launch Event Slides
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    SOF 2015 - Summary
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    SOF 2015 - Full Document
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  • 2014 System Operability Framework

    SOF 2014 - Full Document
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